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personality withA TOUCH OF UNEXPECTED

Whether you are building, remodeling, or giving a facelift to an existing room, let me help take the stress away! When we embark together on a project, not only will we strive to create a Younique design plan that is personalized to your lifestyle, but we will also manage each and every detail throughout the project. Imagine having someone to manage all the headaches that come along with purchasing and returning items, calling customer service and dealing with the manufacturer. The number of details required to complete a project can be a bit overwhelming. We are here to offer the solution to your headaches as well as manage all issues surrounding the project so you can spend your time focusing on you.


The inspiration for our design is all about you. Who you are, and your lifestyle provides the direction in creating the perfect design plan. It’s important to define what you want out of the space to ensure we capture your ultimate needs and expectations.

We will begin your project with a Project & Lifestyle Questionnaire. This is your time to tell us about the scope of the project, your preferences surrounding colors and styles, and provide insight into how you live, entertain, and relax. This will also help us decide if this is the same style you’d like to carry into the project, or if you’d like for me to push you outside of your comfort zone and into new styles and functionality. We highly encourage you to skim through magazines, books or websites and provide specific ideas of things that inspired you. Sharing pictures gives us a good visual understanding of your expectations and interests for the space. We find that most people are creatures of comfort who want to explore new design styles but are intimidated, embarrassed or scared. So, they resort back to their comfort zone. Together, we will see how much flexibility we have in pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas, while still ensuring the overall design concept flows within your home.

At this stage, we will also clarify the main contact and final voice. We will address how you prefer to be contacted for big and small discussion points and purchases throughout the process. You will be required to provide all relevant information on your home, such as: architectural drawings if newly built, site and project information and the contact information of all other parties that will be working on your project with us (if applicable). We will walk away from this meeting, digest the information you’ve shared and begin creating the design concept(s) for your project.

After we understand your goals for the space, together we will create the vision you are hoping to achieve. Balancing your prefect dream with your realistic budget, we will identify a Younique design plan. We will focus on the balance of function and creative design that expresses who you are and offers a practical use of the space.

After digesting the project requirements, discussing initial design consultation, and pre-renovation pictures are provided, a comprehensive design concept will be prepared. It will include things such as: structural layout options, color scheme, wall surfaces, textiles/fabrices, furniture options, window treatments, and lighting. We will work to identify our “statement pieces & must haves” that will help define our creation for the room.

The interior design concept will be formally presented to you for comments and approval. You can expect to be presented with a combination of material and fabric samples and other visual aids to help you to fully understand the concept and plan. Typically, we will lay out more than one option for clients. We are also able to produce a single option for those who do not want to be overloaded with decisions and would prefer a single presentation. Whatever you choose, we want you to have a stress free experience. Approximate pricing of goods and services will also be provided during the presentation. It is most beneficial that all decision makers are present for your interior design concept presentation to ensure full alignment on the plan and expectations.

During the meeting, we will narrow your options on all design elements and overall plan. If there are elements of the design that need further refinement, research or sourcing, we will do so as a result of our discussions. Many people tie “time” to “dollars” during this process. We are willing and dedicated to devote the time that is necessary to create the prefect design plan for our clients. However, if we experience numerous ‘back and forths’ and you still have not approved a design concept, we will re-assess the time involved and additional fees may be applied.

We welcome coordination and collaborations with other parties involved in your project, such as the architect, A/V specialist, the contractor and sub-contractors for the most effective design development. Whenever possible, we appreciate you sharing contact information for these services. The design concept play heavily into their plans and timelines, as it does ours.

This is the step where we begin executing on our designs. From small accessories to large pieces of furniture, we will bring our creative designs into a reality and hopefully exceed your expectations!

Hard goods are all the materials and surfaces that become part of the building, including flooring, tiling, built-ins, cabinetry, countertops, etc. The soft goods are things that are brought into the home but are not permanent. As the hard and soft goods are finalized, each will be presented to you in the form of a proposal for approval. For the large “goods”, we will strive to ensure you love the items – not just like. For large purchases and hard goods, you will need to sign each proposal and provide the required deposit so they can be ordered. We will try to streamline this process for you and make sure you have everything you need to give your final approval and initiate the order. These proposal approvals are binding and are not reversible.

The prices quoted on the proposals will indicate the most accurate pricing available. You can expect, on occasion, minor variations in final vendor pricing or variances in shipping costs to be reflected on final invoice. This is generally due to a change in material costs or shipping costs between the time that a product is specified and actually ordered. We will take every effort to avoid these occurrences and any inconvenience to you. If this does happen, we will notify you of any significant price change when we become aware and provide you with an updated proposal indicating the new pricing. You can also expect to receive reports periodically to help you keep track of all purchases and costs to date, along with budgeted spends that have not yet been incurred.

Once we receive your signed proposals and deposits, we will initiate orders immediately. The “stress free” portion of this relationship will continue as we take care of all the details. We will coordinate with the necessary parties regarding what goods are to be purchased by the architect or contractor and which are to be handled by us. For items such as hardware and faucets, products that others will be purchasing, we will play a part in specifying the perfect selections for your home. We will work with the contractor to specify the desired item and confirm who will be purchasing.

For the majority of the merchandise, we will act as the purchasing agent on your behalf. All invoices and questions from vendors will be paid by you, but forwarded and handled by Younique Designs on your behalf. We will prepare all specifications and orders, and communicate to all vendors regarding specifications, ordering, expediting, quality inspections, coordination, delivery and installation in your home. We will keep you abreast of any important developments as the purchasing process is carried out.

During this phase, your vision begins to come to life. Flooring, wallcovering, paint colors, appliances, woodwork, tile and surfaces are all put in their place. Once again – my goal is to ensure “Stress Free” environment through the coordination of the details with all relevant parties. This shall include: coordination of the delivery, installation and final placement as specified. We will visit the project periodically to observe and to become familiar with the progress and quality of work, as it relates to the interior design concept.

When hard goods are delivered to the site for installation, we request that the contractor receive, inspect and notify us of any and all damage. If goods are as intended, we will request that the contractor safely stores and protects products until it is installed. On some occasions, for our records, we will photograph and/or videotape the project before, during and after installations. We will keep you abreast of the project status and timing as the installations are completed.

While your hard goods are being installed, we will be working behind the scenes on receiving all of your soft goods (furniture, lighting, accessories, wall art, etc). Both small and large items will be delivered directly to your home. For the large items, we will work with the contractors to ensure the most appropriate delivery time. For items that are delivered when we are not present, all items must be inspected by you or the contractor immediately upon delivery to ensure there are no missing pieces or broken/torn items. When all the hard goods are completed and the space is ready, we will begin the installation of soft goods and furniture. We will coordinate all aspects of the final installation and prepare the space for you.

This is the moment we both have been waiting for...the reveal! For some, you will be living in your home throughout this process, while others will be seeing the final product for the first time. In either case, it’s the first time we can officially say the project is complete – all nails are “driven home” and all accessories are in place. We will walk through your space, and all aspects of the design, where together we will officially reveal your unique vision.

Once you have had a chance to take it all in and enjoy your new space for a few days, we will give you a call to see if you’d like a “post reveal” walkthrough. If so, we will create a punch list of any small items that need addressed. We will attend to any loose ends, and leave you to enjoy your beautiful home with your family and friends for years to come!


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